Online Media Monitoring

Transform Your Business

We track your brand and business on various digital touch points or social assets to gauge sentiment and share of voice of all social assets. Social conversations are key and impact on your brand or company image in the media world.


Our Online Media Monitoring delivers a complete interface to access, view, save, forward and manage your Internet News exposure. Combining the industry's deepest list of sources, exclusive report integration tools and a collaborative relationship with our clients, Social Light delivers critical business information you require from a business competitive intelligence service.

Why media monitoring is important

Online Media Monitoring service aims at bringing brand imaging in relation to competitors and unique digital strategy through digital media and social media platforms. It also aims at the acquisition and retention of customers. With online media monitoring you can have real-time feedback from actual people about your brand and your products, that can reveal issues at the time they occur.

Also, you can study all your competition and see all their online actions, measure your brand against them, and learn from their mistakes and practices, an equally important feature for both small and large corporations.

How to do media monitoring

With Social Light's online media monitoring capabilities, response methods such as Email alerts, Dashboards, Newsfeeds and SMS will be used to give feedback on the stories collected online. With our Online Media Monitoring tools, you will be able to discover posts from various social media users that talk about your brand or products. Furthermore, all mentions are analyzed with advanced machine learning algorithms to extract information. We are very proud of the wealth of data from our media monitoring software but don't take our word for it, give it a try!

See, measure, share... it's that simple