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Social Media Management?

Social Light capitalizes on the power of social media as a marketing channel that goes beyond fan and follower acquisition, engagement, or pure sales metrics; it requires a strategic data-driven approach with targeting, messaging, and key performance indicators that are tailored to a brand’s audience and objectives.

We create custom solutions and deliver consistent results by taking a comprehensive approach to social media management. Our team develops social media strategies that leverage both paid and organic tactics, enabling our clients to reach existing and prospective customers with relevant and timely information.


We maintain and manage Facebook advertising campaigns which result in increased engagement with the audience. We manage ad creation, boosted posts and target demographics.


We assist with Twitter advertising campaigns for maximized reach and engagement beyond the local demographic. We’re also able to give natural boosts to our clients with our large following.


Creating great content on YouTube is only half the battle to growing your views and subscribers. If you want your videos to rank well and be discovered by, or suggested to, other viewers you’ll need to know how to research the best keywords to maximize your titles, descriptions, tags and playlists, and understand what your competitors are doing to win.


We manage Instagram advertising for our clients who prefer a specific target audience. This is a highly lucrative platform that requires skill in maneuvering the algorithm inorder to maximize engagement with the posts. But for those with a heavy target audience, We help you build your audience from the bottom up and we pick up followers that will engage with your Instagram profile.

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